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Reliable Chinese Black Tea Manufacturer & Supplier

Yihong Gongfu tea, as one of the traditional Chinese exported Gongfu black tea. The high quality black tea originated from Hubei, since 1850, Russian merchants began to buy tea in Hankou, Hubei, and Hankou began to export alone. 1861, Britain set up a foreign bank to buy a large amount of black tea. It is famous for its unique production process and high and long-lasting quality.

● Unique mellow taste and aromatic flavor of black tea
● Long history of export, excellent environment of tea plantation
● Strict harvesting, production and inspection processes
● 20,000㎡standardized workshops
●Selected 5,000 acres of tea gardens for stable quality

Chinese Kungfu Balck Tea - Supply with EU Stanadrd Series

At Shuangshi Tea, we supply varies type of Black tea. Our Black tea, available in Standardized grades with G1,G2,G3,G4,G5,Fanning,Dust with Eu Standard.

black tea bulk-G5
healthy black tea -G4
black tea photo of G3
black tea from china-G2
Chinese black tea- Grade 1
Black tea fanning-loose black tea
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Why Choose SHUANGSHI TEA for Your Tea Supplier?

As SHUANGSHI Tea Company, a specialist in Chinese tea process and supply, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of high-quality Chinese Tea. Our diverse product line caters to basic packaging needs and specialized custom requirements, all backed by rapid delivery and stringent quality control to ensure each batch tea meet customers standards.


Which country did your tea export to?

Our black tea exprted to Germany, France, USA,UK,Russia, Belarus.

Can your black tea meet our pesticide residue standards?

Yes. Every batch of our raw materials and finished products are tested by a third party (SGS, Eurofins) to ensure that the teas received by our customers are up to standard.

How do you guarantee the safety of your goods on the estates and on the way to the harbour against malicious contaminations?

1.Raw materials are harvested in accordance with EU standards, and raw materials that do not meet the standards will not be harvested.
2.The base cooperates with biological companies, Prohibit the use of non-compliant pesticide products, control raw materials from the source
3.Raw materials need to be tested before they can enter the warehouse
4.Production mechanization to avoid secondary pollution caused by manual contact
5.Direct factory loading to avoid contamination.
6.We have never had any returns, customs notices, etc. from exporting our products.

Can I use my own logo on the packages?

Yes, we offer customized services, you just need to tell us your order requirements,then we will provide you with a complete solution.

Can I get a sample to test the quality?

Yes.We provide free sample.You can send us an inquiry on our website.

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