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Chinese Sencha Green Tea | Loose Tea

Discover the perfect balance of green flavor with our authentic loose-leaf Chinese Sencha tea. Delight in its refreshing, grassy-sweet taste that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

● Premium Quality Leaves
● Clean and Refreshing Flavor
● Sourced from China
● Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Sencha Tea Series

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Why Choose Shuangshi Sencha Teas?

When you choose our sencha, you will savour the mellow aroma and sweetness of Sencha tea. We select raw materials and combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to ensure that the tea has a unique taste and strong aroma. Sencha is not only refreshing and invigorating, it is also packed with health benefits. We offer a personalised service to meet your different taste needs. Our quality assurance makes your purchase hassle-free. Experience Chinese tea culture and savour the charm of sencha.


Are you a trader or manufacturer?

We are a direct manufacturer, from the tea plantation to the tea cup.

I have tea samples, can you provide the same quality based on my samples?

It’s okay. We can make it according to your sample.

Does your tea meet any standards?

Our tea complies with EU standards and can pass the European tea pesticide residue test. We are also able to provide sencha tea with organic standards.

What is the minimum order quantity in kilograms?

The minimum order quantity for loose tea is 50kg. You can send an enquiry to us for more details.

What is special about your sencha green tea?

Selected raw materials, combined with traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, ensure that the tea has a unique taste and strong aroma.

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