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Direct Reliable Chunmee Green Tea Manufacturer & Supplier

Best-selling Chunmee tea product export to France, Germany,Italy,USA,North Africa and West Africa,especially in Arab countries.SHUANGSHI TEA will offer you with the most popular Chunmee green tea with all types and OEM/ODM services to fit your product customization and business Plan.

● Over 39 years experienced tea processing
● 20,000㎡standardized workshops
●Selected 5,000 acres of tea gardens for stable quality and high-fire aroma tea
● Low MOQ from 5000KG for OEM

Chun Mee Green Tea | Special Chunmee | Loose Leaf Teas Series

At SHUANGSHI TEA, we supply varies type of Chunmee green tea. Our Chunmee tea, available in 41022,4011,9371,9366,9368,9369,fanning,powder and others.

green tea types of OP
moroccan mint tea 41022AAAAA
chun mee tea 41022AA
chunmee tea 9371
china green tea special chunmee 9368
chunmee green tea 9366
extra chunmee tea 4011
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Why Choose SHUANGSHI TEA for your tea supplier?

As SHUANGSHI Tea Company, a specialist in Chinese tea process and supply, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of high-quality Chinese Tea. Our diverse product line caters to basic packaging needs and specialized custom requirements, all backed by rapid delivery and stringent quality control to ensure each batch tea meet customers standards.


Which country did the product export to?

Exprted to Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Burkinafaso, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Yemen, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Netherlands and other countries.

Are you direct factory or trading company?

We are a direct tea facotry experience for 39 year processing and exporting.

There are many tea types, Which one is best sell in my country?

You can tell me which country you are from and what you are buying the tea for, whether it is for finished product sales or for tea blending. We will recommend the most suitable tea type to you according to your needs.

Can I use my own logo on the packages?

Yes, we offer customized services, you just need to tell us your order requirements,then we will provide you with a complete solution.

Can I get a sample to test the quality?

Yes.We provide free sample.You can send us an inquiry on our website.

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