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Shuangshi Tea : A cup of tea, a period of time, a heritage

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Shuangshi Tea , a producer specializing in the tea, has persevered through 39 years of ups and downs, maintaining a profound passion and dedication for tea.

In the busy urban life, we always long to find that peace and purity. Hubei Shuangshi Tea Co., Ltd. is such a yearning place. Since its establishment in 1985, Shuangshi Tea has gone through more than 30 years of ups and downs, and has always adhered to the combination of inheritance and innovation, delivering cups of high-quality tea to thousands of households.

Shuangshi Tea is not only a tea production enterprise, but also a tea industry group integrating planting, processing and exporting. It has a tea industry processing park covering an area of 58,600 square meters, standardized factories and four modern black tea and green tea finishing lines with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons, ensuring the quality and taste of every piece of tea.

Shuangshi tea garden

With the vision of “recognizing the situation, firm belief, entrepreneurship with integrity, and developing Shuangshi”, Shuangshi Tea Industry always adheres to the principle of integrity and strictly controls the quality and safety of tea raw materials from the source. Whether it is black tea, green tea, scented tea or Chinese premium tea, Shuangshi Tea insists on selecting the highest quality tea raw materials and carefully making every tea product. Its “Shuangshi” brand has become a famous trademark in Hubei Province and has won the trust and love of consumers.

The company adopts the industrial operation mode of “leading enterprises + cooperatives + bases + farmers” and jointly operates a tea export base of more than 5,000 acres, providing a stable source of income for the sustainable development of the local tea industry. At the same time, Shuangshi Tea is also actively exploring domestic and foreign markets. Its products are not only popular in the Northeast, Northwest, and North China regions of the country, but are also exported to European countries such as Germany, Poland, France, and African countries such as Morocco and Mauritania.

Walking into Shuangshi Tea is like walking into a world full of poetry and Zen. Here, every tea leaf carries the gift of nature and the ingenuity of the craftsmen. Every cup of Shuangshi Tea seems to tell a story about inheritance and innovation. Whether gathering with friends and family or tasting alone, a cup of Double Lion Tea can make people feel the tranquility and purity, as if they are among the mountains and rivers, integrating with nature.

Shuangshi Tea not only brings people cups of high-quality tea products, but also conveys an attitude towards life and the pursuit of quality. Let us not forget our original intention in our busy life and enjoy the peaceful and pure beautiful time.

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