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Demystifying the glory of China’s export Chun mee green tea

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Tea, as the treasure of Chinese culture, has enjoyed a high reputation since ancient times.

Among the many tea varieties, Chun mee tea has won the love of tea guests at home and abroad with its unique quality and charm. Today, let’s walk into the world of exporting Chun mee tea in China to explore its historical origin, processing technology, health effects, and export grand occasion.

1. Historical inheritance of Chun mee  green tea

Mee tea, also known as “Gongmei”, originated from ancient Chinese tea culture. Its history can be traced back to the Tang and Song dynasties, and then the Royal Royal tribute was already. After thousands of years of inheritance, the production process of Chun mee tea has become more and more exquisite, and the quality is becoming more and more excellent. Today, Chun mee tea not only enjoys a high reputation in the country, but also has become a hot -selling product exporting overseas.

2. superb processing technology

The production process of Chun mee tea is very particular. From picking, withering, twisting to dryness, every step needs to be carefully operated. Especially the twisting link is a test of the tea master. After finely processed Chun mee tea, the strip is tight, the color is dark, the aroma is strong and lasting, and the taste is mellow.

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3.the healthy effect of Chun mee tea

Chun mee tea not only has a unique taste, but also rich in various ingredients that are beneficial to the human body. It is rich in tea polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins, etc., and has a variety of effects such as refreshing the brain, eliminating food, getting tired, lipid -lowering, antihypertensive, and antioxidant. Drinking Chun mee tea for a long time can also help improve physical fitness and enhance immunity.

4.Chunmee green tea export

In recent years, the export volume of Chinese Chun mee tea has continued to increase, becoming an important member of the global tea market. According to statistics, the number of Chun mee tea exported by China each year has reached thousands of tons, which are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia. This not only brings huge economic benefits to the Chinese tea industry, but also further enhances the position of Chinese tea in the international market.

5. The main export area

The main areas of China Export Chun mee green tea include Hubei,Hunan, Zhejiang, Anhui,Guizhou,Jiangxi and other places. These areas are suitable and fertile soil, which provides unique natural conditions for the growth of Chun mee tea. At the same time, these regions also have a long history of tea culture and superb tea -making technology, making the producers produced excellent quality and is loved by consumers at home and abroad.

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