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Shuangshi White tea,White poeny
Shuangshi White tea,White poeny

White Poeny-Chinese White Tea

White Peony, a treasure of white tea, with rich floral aroma and refreshing taste.

Beautiful appearance with plump buds and leaves.

Rich and elegant floral aroma.

Refreshing taste with lingering sweetness.

Nutritious and beneficial for health.


White Poeny Description

The raw materials of White Peony are mainly the buds and leaves of “Zhenghe Large White Tea and Fuding Large White Tea”, and sometimes “a small amount of buds and leaves of Shui Xian Tea” are also used for blending. The raw materials require white hairs, buds and leaves to be fat and tender. The traditional harvesting standard is “one bud and two leaves” from the first round of spring tea shoots, with the length of the buds and leaves basically equal, and “three whites”, i.e., the buds and leaves are covered with white fuzz.



White Peony Production Process

Picking: usually done early in the morning, new buds and unopened flower buds are selected, these tea leaves have higher moisture content and are suitable for making white peony.

Withering: The picked tea leaves are withered, usually for 2-3 hours, to allow the water to gradually dissipate and make the tea leaves soft and easy to knead.
Kneading: After withering, the tea leaves are kneaded for about 30 minutes to rupture the cells of the tea leaves, releasing the tea juice and making the aroma and flavour of the tea more intense.

Drying: After twisting, the tea leaves are dried for a period of 4-5 hours, in order to reduce the water content of the tea leaves to a certain level, which is convenient for the next step of roasting.

Roasting: After drying, the tea leaves are roasted, usually for about 20-30 minutes, to let the water evaporate completely, so that the aroma and taste of the tea leaves will be more intense.

Sieving: After roasting, the tea leaves are sieved for about 10-15 minutes to remove the impurities and defective products to make the tea more pure.

Packaging: The sifted tea leaves are packaged, usually in sealed packages to maintain the freshness and flavour of the tea.

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