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longjing tea soup
longjing tea
fresh tea leaves
longjing tea soup
longjing tea
fresh tea leaves

Longjing Tea-Lung Ching Tea | Chinese Premium Loose Leaf Tea

It is famous for its unique characteristics of “emerald color, lush fragrance, sweet taste and beautiful shape.

1. Flat, smooth, and straight and sharp shape
2. fresh and clear, with a unique orchid flavor and a long-lasting aroma
3. Fresh and sweet taste

Longjing Tea-Lung Ching Tea Description

Longjing Green Tea, with its tender green color, high aroma and fresh taste, is a treasure among green teas. Its unique orchid fragrance intoxicates people with its sweet taste and long aftertaste. Drinking Longjing green tea not only enjoys the pleasure of taste, but also obtains the nourishment of health, which is the ideal choice for savoring life and pursuing health.

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We have our own tea garden, specializing in white tea varieties, and a wealth of experience in tea production

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