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jasmine silver needle tea
jasmine tea bulk
jasmine tea house photos
jasmine silver needle tea
jasmine tea bulk
jasmine tea house photos

Jasmine Silver Needle Tea – Loose Tea Leaves

Jasmine Silver Needle Tea, a blend of delicate green tea and fragrant jasmine flowers, offers a unique sensory experience.

1. Unique Flower Tea Fusion: Jasmine Silver Needle Tea perfectly blends the rich aroma of jasmine flowers with the delicate flavor of silver needle tea.
2. The tea leaves are as slender and straight as silver needles, with a bright silver-white color.
3. Jasmine Silver Needle tea is rich in nutrients such as tea polyphenols, amino acids and vitamins

Jasmine Silver Needle Tea Description

Jasmine Silver Needle Tea, a harmonious blend of floral aroma and tea essence, boasts its silver-white, straight appearance. Upon brewing, it releases a captivating fragrance and offers a mellow taste. Drinking this tea rejuvenates the mind, relieves fatigue, and provides a moment of serene tea appreciation.

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