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Do You Know Shuangshi Black Tea?

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China, as the home of tea, boasts a long history of tea culture and exquisite tea-making craftsmanship.


Among them, black tea, as one of the essential categories of Chinese tea, enjoys a high reputation not only domestically but also in the international market. Today, let’s delve into the world of Chinese black tea and explore its unique charm.

I. Processing Craftsmanship of Black Tea

The processing craftsmanship of Chinese black tea mainly includes steps such as picking, wilting, rolling, fermentation, and drying. Firstly, high-quality fresh leaves are selected, usually harvested in the morning after the dew has evaporated and the sun has just risen, to preserve the effective components of the fresh leaves. Then, the wilting process is carried out to remove part of the water content and soften the leaves. Next comes rolling, where the leaves are rolled into strips, and tea juice is squeezed out moderately. Following that, fermentation is a crucial step, where enzymes in the tea leaves continuously promote the oxidation of polyphenols, transforming the tea from green to red and forming the unique quality of black tea. Finally, drying is performed to achieve a certain moisture content in the tea leaves, facilitating storage and transportation.

II. Harvesting Standards for Black Tea Fresh Leaves

The harvesting standards for black tea fresh leaves are strict. It is required to pick the leaves in the morning when the sun just rises, as the temperature is suitable, and the tea leaves are rich in nutrients, resulting in the best taste and aroma. Meanwhile, the picking height is usually between 30 and 60 centimeters to ensure the quality and yield of the tea. Manual picking is the primary harvesting method to guarantee the integrity and quality of the tea leaves.

III. Management Methods of Shuangshi Tea Garden

As a professional tea exporter, Shuangshi Tea Industry boasts strict garden management methods. The company focuses on environmental protection and ecological balance in the tea garden, adopting scientific planting techniques and management measures to ensure the quality and safety of the tea. Additionally, the company has established a comprehensive tea traceability system, ensuring the quality and origin of every tea leaf from the garden to the cup.

IV. Advantages of Shuangshi Tea Industry in Processing Black Tea

Shuangshi Tea Industry has significant advantages in processing black tea. Firstly, the company possesses advanced tea-making equipment and techniques, guaranteeing the quality and taste of black tea. Secondly, the company pays attention to the selection and quality control of raw materials, only using high-quality fresh leaves for processing to ensure superior quality. Furthermore, the company boasts a professional tea-making team and technical personnel, capable of conducting refined processing and adjustment based on the characteristics of different tea leaves and market demands.

V. Advantages of Shuangshi Tea Industry in Processing and Exporting Fine Black Tea

Shuangshi Tea Industry also stands out in processing and exporting fine black tea. The company selects raw materials from top-quality tea-producing regions across the country, controlling the quality of tea from the source. Combining traditional tea-making craftsmanship with modern technology, the company creates high-end brands in the industry. Additionally, the company pays attention to product packaging and transportation, ensuring that every fine black tea arrives at customers in the best condition.

VI. Application of Exported Fine Black Tea in the European Market

Chinese black tea enjoys wide applications in the European market. Europeans prefer to enjoy black tea as a daily beverage, especially during breakfast and afternoon tea time. Meanwhile, black tea is also widely used in social and family gatherings, such as inviting friends and celebrities to tea parties. The fine black tea processed by Shuangshi Tea Industry is well-received in the European market, winning the favor of many consumers for its unique taste and quality.

In conclusion, Chinese black tea stands out with its unique charm in the international market. As a professional tea exporter, Shuangshi Tea Industry possesses significant advantages in the processing craftsmanship, harvesting standards, garden management methods, and the processing and exporting of fine black tea. It is believed that Chinese black tea will continue to flourish in the international market in the future!

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